Canoeing             (All visits by appointment only)

Bring your friends, group or family and experience this awesome adventure through a portion of the vast "Sipsey Wilderness."  The Sipsey River is one of the most scenic and commonly considered the cleanest river in the state as there is no industry on it.  It's winding route offers a mystique that will  keep your curiosity peeked as you float down.  Aside from the thrill of maneuvering your canoe around the bends and through the tight spots, the magnificent beauty of this pristine little river alone is worth the trip.

"You will not hear a dog bark; just birds and river animals.  It is total relaxation," says Jim Park, a recent visitor who came with his wife, son and another family.  "One of the ladies said she didn't even feel like she was in Alabama anymore.  That we had entered some new and exotic world," says Park, a native of Aliceville.

Our most popular trip consists of  8 winding miles and takes around 4 hours depending on water flow.  About 50% of your float will be under a shaded canopy of live oak and cypress trees.

In the spring you will experience a little more water flow from the winter rains.  As the river gets smaller during the summer, sand and gravel bars are exposed that are great for swimming and splashing around.  The fall brings on all the brilliant colors of that season and is a favorite to many canoers.